Lymphoma is one of the most common and fatal cancers in dogs. Most dogs treated with chemo go into remission, but the cancer develops drug resistance and recurs.

Several of the studies we have supported include:

Determining the Correct Dosing for Anthracycline drug to Treat Canine Lymphoma  (Dr. Alfred Legendre, University of Tennessee. AD198 is a new antrhacycline drug used in chemotherapy.  This study will determine the best dose for dogs with lymphoma, and researchers will study how well AD 198 affects cancer cells so that an alternative treatment option can be available to owners and veterinarians.

Potential Drug Therapy for Treatment of Lymphoma (Dr. Laura Garrett, University of Illinois) using a novel compound called PAC-1 that has been shown to induce apoptosis (a normal process in which cells undergo programmed death.)

While we would love to share the results of these studies with you, GREYlong has signed confidentiality agreements, that prevent our doing that for two years after the study's final report is released.